Tony Adamic Juries Lürzer’s Archive

Elevator’s principal, Tony Adamic, is on judging panel for Lürzer’s Archive’s Special ”200 Best Packaging Designs worldwide”

Lürzer’s ARCHIVE is an essential reference guide for art directors, copywriters and designers, as well as for senior managers in both agencies and the corporate sector.

Lürzer’s Archive Specials publish outstanding work from various areas of graphic design: advertising photography, illustration, music, packaging, and catalogs and brochures.

Following the resounding success of the Lürzer“s Archive Specials “Packaging Design I” and ”Packaging Design II” a new sequel–”200 Best Packaging Designs worldwide 2009/10″ is now being released. 200 Best Packaging Designs worldwide 2009/10 is a unique opportunity for design studios from around the world to showcase their best work from the field of packaging design to an international audience. 200 Best Packaging Designs worldwide 2009/10 is distributed worldwide through 70 distributors in over 35 countries.