As a fully integrated agency, Elevator provides the following specialized services. We customize these services to meet your needs.

Brand Strategy
Building brands is what Elevator is all about. Fundamentally, a brand is a set of convictions about a product or service in the consumer’s mind. What we do is create or influence these convictions. It’s our job to take a brand, inject some personality into it and make it stick in a consumer’s mind. First, we investigate the consumer’s relationship with the market and the existing brand. Then, we envision what the brand can be. Finally, we conclude by being that vision. And, may we add, we are on a constant quest for achieving an impact disproportionate to our client’s media spending.

We approach design from a strategic marketing position which ensures the visual communication that is clear, consistent, meaningful and effective. The more cases we solve, the more we’re convinced that a brand’s commitment to good design makes an enormous economic difference in the marketplace.

Elevator provides a complete array of corporate identity and design services: trademark and logotype, brand identity, packaging, retail and environmental design, collateral as well as web site design.

We believe in the concept of finding the essential truth about a brand, and communicating it in a way that is simultaneously straight-forward and classy. This has always resulted in successes of our clients in the marketplace.

Direct Marketing
We believe that successful marketing strategies should simultaneously work on

maximizing your ROI and strengthening your brand. While we have won praise for the creative executions of the marketing strategies we developed, we are only interested in one – the quantifiable results we generate for our clients.

Media Planning and Buying
It is media’s job to create strong, meaningful relationship between brands and consumers. We take special pleasure in finding best ways to use traditional media as well as going beyond the traditional to create that relationship. To do it successfully we research how our clients’ customers interact with media and how they experience the brand itself. Unlike most agencies we get our media planners involved early on in the process instead of bringing them in only when it’s time to buy. This approach guarantees that every dollar a client spends on media works as hard as possible.

There is a substantial difference between building a Web “site” and creating a Web “experience”. We at Elevator believe that interactive environments must be built on the same principles Elevator traditionally stands for: research, strategic planning and creative that matters. Unlike most local agencies that offer interactive services, we deliver strategic online brand solutions by successfully marrying business strategy with technological expertise and first class creativity. The benefit to you is engaging your visitors in an “experience”, thus building a relationship which will lead to revenue. Our services range from Web site development and design to online advertising – all fully integrated with your overall brand message.