Tony Adamic
Founder and Creative Director

Tony’s twenty-year career spans over three countries. Having lived and worked in the United States, Italy and Croatia Tony brings to table broad perspective and practical understanding of multiculturalism.

After earning his degree in Visual Communications, he first made his mark in the 90s working as an art director in Los Angeles. Contributing his insight to a good number of advertising agencies he worked in virtually every product category from cars to tourism to electronics.

His incessant pursuit of understanding the bigger picture made his jump to the marketing management only logical. Moving to Rome, Italy, he next found himself on the mission of

transforming traditional-style businesses into brand-driven organizations. In 2002 he founded Elevator, an international brand consultancy in Split, Croatia, and returned to what he loves best -building brands from the ground up.

Tony has also served as a member of the judging panels for the 2008, 2009 and 2010 Summit Creative Award, Luerzer’s Archives’ Best Packaging Designers Worldwide as well as International Academy of the Visual Arts’ (IAVA) Communicator Awards.

An avid skier, Tony is particularly proud of his collaboration with great wintersports companies such as Atomic, Elan and Stoeckli.